OVO #1

Each OVO runs as a 24 hour Dutch auction. Starting at £600 and ending at £0.00 24 hours later. The price reduces by £25 at the stroke of each new hour.

OVO #1

The very first numbered OVO!

Titanium side blades Ice blue/gold accents
Titanium flip flap
Ice blue/gold accents
Main body leather Turquise and light blue
Stash flap leather Dark blue
Stitching Blue


Capacity (max)
10 cards + 10 bank notes + coins + key + stash pocket
or the equivalent of this in terms of volume


 Weight 51 grams (1.8oz)
Dimensions (max) 100 x 62 x 22mm (3.9 x 2.4 x 0.85 inches)